Following on from Bridget, life continues in the docklands of London's East End.

Kathy Cole - the daughter of Bridget's first love, Ernie - is a determined young woman. She refuses to stay at home with her bitter, drunken father, but wants to do her bit for the First World War effort, and train to be a nurse. During training she meets again Tom O'Rourke, Bridget's youngest brother. Tom is now a doctor and, being older and more senior than Kathy, he doesn't initially take much notice of the attractive young nurse.

Kathy herself shouldn't be thinking of Tom as she's promised to Tom's old friend from the Lanes, Billy Ryan. However, Kathy and Tom are thrown together and, like so manyother young couples during the war, they become much more than friends.

When the war is finally over, Kathy returns to the Lanes and is forced to make an important decision about her future, believing it to be the only possible solution open to her ... but it is with disastrous effect.

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