The Bonds That Break

The second volume in a saga that began with The ties that bind

February 1940, and despite the war, life has never been better for Emma: she is newly married to gentle, caring RAF pilot Jonathan Reece and she is living and working in the heart of the fasion industry in London.

But her happiness is short-lived: just months later, Jon's plane is shot down over war-torn France and he is declared missing, presumed dead. Now, when Emma really needs a friend, she finds one in the most unlikely place: a would-be suitor, the handsome American Jack Harvey. Throughout her time of anguish and desolation, Jack provides unstinting companionship and support, even accross the miles.

As time passes, Jack and Emma inevitably grow closer, and Emma is plagued by tortuous questions and difficult choices. For how long can she deny the man that excites such passion in her? In a world of uncertainty and shortage, should she seize a chance at happiness while she can? And will Jon, by now reduced to a shadowy memory, ever return?

Published by: Severn House
ISBN Number: 978-0727855480
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