The Ties That Bind

When Emma Robinson falls in love with a man far above her own station in life, there are harsh consequences. She discovers that she is carrying Paul Greenslade's child, and he disappears, rather than marry a common shop-girl.

In order to save her reputation and family name, Emma is forced to marry the brutish Dick Gillows, learning the hard way that a jealous husband is a violent one. After her tyrannical father's death, and discovering that her marriage to Dick was nothing more than a business transaction in return for the family shop, Emma realises that she has to make a life for herself and her son, James.

She begins with a secret partnership in a local clothes shop, and embarks on a mission to find her father's secret fortune before her husband does. Can Emma ultimately release herself from the ties that bind her and find out who she really is?

Published by: Severn House
ISBN Number: 978-0727870322
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