The Last Summer Of Innocence

Kate Linton is content with a straitened life in a fenland village-as long as she and her mother are together. But Emma wants more, for both of them - she wants it enough to send sixteen-year-old Kate, in 1913, to live with her wealthy Refern cousins in the home she herself fled when hardly older.

Homesick and lonely at first, Kate soon finds companionship with her new family-and something more with handsome, devil-may-care Harry. But with news of Emma's death a shocking secret is disclosed which drives the two apart: Kate to bury her grief in nursing, and Harry his despair in the trenches of Flanders.

As both face the harrowing experiences of war and Kate gradually unravels the depth's of her mother's deception, yet another mother's secret holds the key to all their fates...

Published by: Century⁄Arrow
ISBN Number: 978-0712645805
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