Lovers & Sinners

Linda Sole has written a dramatic story about the darker side of love set in the England of the Forties and Fifties - a novel of passion, pride and revenge.

Betty Cantrel has been sentenced to death by hanging for the murder of the only man she ever truly loved. As she sits in her cell she looks back over her life and reflects on the strange twists of fate that brought her so close to death...

In 1945, at the onset of post-war austerity and as the wind whistles relentlessly accros the Cambridgeshire fens she knows so well, Betty, the local poacher's eldest child, is sent to live at The Willows to be companion to the capricious, semi-invalid daughter of the house.

It is a step which will change her life forever, for here she will meet two men: enigmatic, dark-haired Nathan Crawley and his complete opposite, suave, patrician James Blair. When Betty eventually puts her simple country childhood behind her to find fame and fortune as a nightclub singer in London, each of these men believes he is the most important person in her life.

Which of them is the one Betty really loves - for whose murder she will be arrested - and maybe hanged?

Published by: Century⁄Arrow
ISBN Number: 978-0099844709
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