A Wicked Wench

Young and naive Arabella Tucker and her sister Nan arrive in London in 1756 to live with their cousin and try to find themselves husbands. Although they are the daughters of a country squire, their father's loss of fortune means he can no longer provide for them, and they must find another man to do so. While Nan immediately sets her sights on an older but extremely wealthy bachelor, Arabella is not content to marry a man purely for his money. Everyone expects the handsome Marquis of Roxbourne to propose, but Arabella firmly believes in true love and is sure she can find a husband who will not only provide for her financially, but also satisfy her deepest romatic desires. But will the wilful Arabella insist on following her romantic notions to their inevitable, dangerous conclusion?
Published by: Severn House
ISBN Number: 978-0727860712
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