Forbidden Love

Luke Trenwith is back at Trenwith Hall, relatively unscathed by the Great War, but surer than ever that, despite his mother's resistance to move with the times, life will never be the same again. Keen to fulfil his promise to Jack Barlow, the Trenwiths' former groom, he heads for London to tell rose Barlow the not-altogether-truthful news that her brother died a hero. Despite his determination to resist her charms, Luke finds Rose as loverly as ever. It's not long before the old emotions are stirred again, but Luke has promised his dying father he will marry well and carry on the Trenwith name in an honourable manner. Marriage to a former servant seems impossible, and Rose is not the kind of girl to settle for anything less. With Luke promised to another woman, it seems they are both doomed to unhappy lives of opportunities missed, unless they can erase the lines of class distinction...
Published by: Severn House
ISBN Number: 978-0727867124
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